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Do you want to improve your IQ? These exercises are for you

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It might sound strange but the fact is how successful a person becomes very much depends on the IQ of the person. IQ is a number that is meant for measuring the cognitive functioning of a person. Having an IQ of about 90 to 110 is considered to be average. However, having an IQ value more than 120 is considered to be superior. In average, it is seen that about 65 to 68 percent of the population in the world have an IQ that ranges between 70 to 100.

Therefore to able to stand out from the crowd, it is very important to have a better and improved IQ. Now let us all be honest, who really don’t want to have a better cognition? There are many of us who wants to get through the med school or pass their bar exam. But what is the way to actually reach the goal? How can we improve and enhance our IQ? I know right now there are a number of questions that can be arising in your mind. But not to worry I have the answer to all your questions. So let us all take a deep look into the ways that will help you get a better brain functioning.

Few exercise that helps to have better brain functioning

Now if we can actually make ourselves look smarter is still a puzzle. If you ask me, I consider that the brain of a person and their intelligence quotient are very much associated with a subjective term. Our brains function and perform better when it is under supervision and training. Therefore keeping the brain trained will help you have a better brain functioning. Therefore here are a few exercises that will you improve your IQ. So let’s take a glimpse of all the exercise that will you make you a smarter person.

Meditation - this is a very useful factor that controls a number of factors of the brain functioning. The best way to meditate is to close the eyes and imagine a red light and try to focus on that. This will help you to focus on things better and give you a clearer thinking ability. This might look like a very simple visualization exercise but it very effective in stimulating the activities of the mind. It also relaxes the mind. May a time it is seen being stressed can affect the ability of the brain. Thus the right solution to fight stress and to calm down our mind is by meditating for some time.

Mind games - I know this kind of come as a surprise but your favorite game such as crosswords, scrabble, chess and Sudoku can actually help get a better functioning brain. These games stimulate your brain thus helping you get an improved IQ.

Replacing your machines - we all are now very much dependent on machines for all our activities. For even calculating a small number we will reach out to our calculators. But sometimes ditching our calculators and trying to calculate the numbers on our won will help to stimulate the functioning of the brain.

Learning a new language - according to a study it is seen that having a rich vocabulary helps against cognitive impairment. Therefore learning a new language is not just interesting and fun. But it is also very helpful in improving the cognition of a person. Thus learning a new language will slow down the aging of your brain.

You may also try

Apart from trying out the brain exercise mentioned here. You can also improve the functioning of the brain by the intake of smart drugs. Taking Armodafinil smart drug helps people in having a better cognition by affecting their brain. Use Armodafinil properly to enjoy its amazing effects.

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