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5 best ways to stay active in the office

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The office can be a tricky place for all of us. And I can very well relate to the issue of sleepiness in the office. Now there can be a number of factors that can be making a person feel sleepy. But no matter what is causing the issue of sleepiness in the person it is not something any of us desire to have while working. Sleepiness in the office does not just affect the working and the productivity of the person but it also affects the impression the employee has on the senior authorities. Therefore it becomes very important to take the necessary steps that will help you remain awake and fight sleepiness in the office. So let us have a look at all the ways that will help you awake when you are working.

Causes of sleepiness in the office


Not all people have the same cause for sleepiness. There are a number of factors which is making you feel extremely sleepy in the day. But before we dive into the causes of sleepiness in the office, let us first have a look at the signs of having excessive daytime sleepiness. A person who is suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness will have the following issues-


• Facing issue with waking up in the morning time.

• During the working hours, you constantly keep falling asleep.

• No matter how many and how much naps you take it will just not take away the sleepiness from you.

• Also if you are facing an issue with remembering things than it can be a sign of excessive daytime sleepiness.


Now the major causes of sleepiness in the office are usually suffering from a sleep disorder such as the obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder. This sleep disorders are occurred from neurological problems and are very much responsible for affecting the normal sleep cycle of the person. Therefore people with such sleep issues usually keeps falling asleep at odd times.


What can you do to fight sleepiness in the office?


• Every time you feel very sleepy in the office hours. The best and the easiest thing to do in such a situation are to walk for some time. You can do this either inside in the office or by going out of the building on in the terrace for some time. The bright rays of the sun will instantly wake you up.

• Taking an activity break is very important. As sitting and standing for a long time can make the person dull. Thus talking to people around and walking for a few minutes will help you remain active and fight sleepiness in the office.

• Keeping the windows of the office is very important as this allows proper sunlight to enter the room. This can break the gloominess of the office that is also very much responsible for causing sleepiness in the person.

• I cannot stress enough on how important it is to take enough water throughout the day. I agree that caffeine will give you an instant boost of energy. But that is not always the best thing for your health. Staying hydrated will help you in staying active.

• Snacking from time to time will help you to stay active.

Causes of sleepiness in the office

The best things to carry to work are nuts, granola, fruits, etc. they are not just healthy and tummy filling but also give you a fresh and yummy break during your office working hours. Thus it helps all people to overcome sleepiness in the office.

Also, the use of medicines can help people with remaining active in office hours. There are many medicines that can help you to fight sleepiness ion the office. However, the use of Modvigil smart drug is very effective as it works by acting on the brain of the person.

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